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Deluxe Design Eyebrow

There are a number of steps to creating this bespoke eyebrow treatment – usually seven. The whole appointment usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour, so it's much more thorough than a standard eyebrow wax/thread and tint. It's also worth leaving your brows alone for a few weeks so you get the best possible results.

First you’ll have a consultation where the Brow Stylist talks through your brows, the shape, the colour and how you want them to look. It's here you can talk about any issues you have with them – whether there are sparse areas or you're unhappy with the shape, and they can advise on where to go from there.

If you are looking for thicker, fuller brows, it might be that you and your Brow Stylist decide on a regrowth programme but again, this will differ depending on what they're like. If the eyebrows are overplucked you'll work with them to grow in certain areas and you'll be shown how to fill them in properly in between appointments and this is likely to take more appointments. If it's only a certain area or row to grow back in, it will take fewer appointments. If you're on this programme, the Brow Stylist will probably encourage you to use a lash and brow booster which promotes hair growth.

You can still get the Deluxe Designer Brows treatment though because the hairs that are needed for the end result brow will be left alone and be styled around this area. We also show you how to fill in the areas between appointments.

The next step is tinting the brows. The colour is matched to the hair colour and style that's wanted so they don’t end up looking out of place. We will then apply the dye before any of the shaping starts so that it grabs onto all of the little baby hairs you might have so these can then be styled and help to fill out the brows.

Once the dye has taken, the shaping starts. This is a mixture of waxing (this helps with the precision of the shape), threading (for the areas the wax may have missed) and plucking for any final stray hairs

The treatment results can last between four to six weeks although this can vary from person to person.

If you're someone who's struggled with sparse brows, it could definitely be worth enquiring to see if it's for you.

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Deluxe Design Eyebrow



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